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Optical Academy Mobile Eye Exam Vs. Normal Eye Exam

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News Update

February 8, 2023

Optical Academy® Mobile Eye Exam

Optical Academy® is the nation’s leading onsite mobile eye care and eyewear provider! Our award winning vision team is made up of onsite technicians, mobile optometrists, and mobile opticians. We are experts in handling every individual’s  specific circumstances and vision needs. Our mission is to help all see a beautiful day, everyday through our onsite mobile eye care and eyewear services! We make eye exams and eyewear easily accessible to everyone of all ages!

Location Of Mobile Eye Exam

The best part about an onsite mobile eye exam with Optical Academy® is that it can be anywhere! We travel to homes of fragile patients, schools, worksites, community establishments, and more. We bring mobile eye exams and eyewear to wherever you may be! Unlike a regular eye exam, you can say goodbye to the long office wait as we have you in and out with a mobile eye exam. We serve everyone of all ages at their place of comfort and convenience with the vision care they need to live their best lives!

Convenience of Mobile Eye Exam

Optical Academy®’s main goal is to bring convenience to our members. We travel directly to our members, ultimately saving them time and money. We allow our members to skip the trip to the doctor and be seen where they are most comfortable. Optical Academy® also has the most affordable prices and the most high quality eyewear. We truly care about our members and make it easy for them to receive the vision care they deserve.

Glasses 2 Classes

When it comes to students, we serve all students with the vision care they need to learn right in the comfort of their schools. We eliminate the hassle for parents to find an eye doctor appointment that works with their busy work schedule as well as their child’s schedule. On top of that, we save parents from the outrageous eyewear rates at their local opticals with our affordable eyewear prices.

Testing In Ten

Additionally, Optical Academy® travels directly to worksites serving all employees with a mobile eye exam and eyewear right at work. Employees are only out of their workstation for ten minutes receiving the necessary vision care they need to execute their jobs. We allow all employees to be OSHA compliant in one day and offer safety eyewear for certain occupations. Lastly, employees no longer have to take off for a non emergent appointment or waste a weekend day at the eye doctor. Our onsite mobile vision services overall benefit the work environment, the company, and all employees by increasing work productivity, performance, and profits. 

Onsite Mobile Eye Exam

House Calls

Mobile eye exams are essential for our homebound members who are immobile or unable to leave their homes. We bring the equipment we need to perform a mobile eye exam along with a variety of eyewear for them to choose from. Furthermore, our homebound members can receive eye care and eyewear where they are most comfortable and safe with an a home visit. Whether our members need to be seen from their couch, bed, or favorite chair, we will accommodate their specific circumstances and ensure they are taken care of. With Optical Academy®,no one is ever left behind.

Community Events

All community members and their families are served with our onsite mobile vision services at their place of convenience. In their very own community, everyone of all ages has the opportunity to receive a mobile eye exam and brand new glasses with Optical Academy®. Families are able to save time and money by receiving their annual eye exams altogether. We are promoting health and wellness for all community members with the vision care they need to live their lives to the fullest.

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Hunterdon Central Regional High School

Optical Academy came in to set up and were all prepared. They were just envisioning how to set up and did it themselves with ease and promptness.
Carol Rocha
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