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National Eyewear Day

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News Update

February 8, 2023
On June 6th, 2019 Zyloware Eyewear opened its doors to members of the Port Chester community for those in need of free eye health exams and glasses. They partnered with us, Optical Academy, a revolutionary provider that offers optometric services such as screenings or custom-fitted lenses at no cost! This was so special as we celebrated National Eyewear Day and wanted everyone to know how important their eyesight is not only when looking through our frames but also for your overall health!
Together, we made a huge difference in the lives of 78 people by providing free vision services including an eye health exam and screening for glasses. We had children as young as 5 years old all the way up to seniors attending with their prescriptions fitting perfectly thanks to our specializations at Zyloware Eyewear!
National Eyewear Activities
1. Get Your Eyes Checked
Do it together instead of doing it alone! Why not ask your friends and colleagues to join in on the fun? Here at Optical Academy, we offer onsite mobile vision care for you and your community. It’s always more enjoyable when there are others around!
2. Get everyone involved:
Create space for your event and plan your setup! Encourage your friends and family to participate!
3. Show Off Your New Eyewear
You can now show off your new eyewear with style. You can inspire your friends and family with your new style to pick up a pair!
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Hunterdon Central Regional High School

Optical Academy came in to set up and were all prepared. They were just envisioning how to set up and did it themselves with ease and promptness.
Carol Rocha
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