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How Often Should You See An Eye Doctor?

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News Update

February 8, 2023

Vision Is Vital

80% of what we perceive comes through the eyes.  Additionally, Our vision is vital to our everyday life to do the activities we love the most, to get from place to place, and to live our best lives. Vision is involved in nearly everything we do, and that’s why taking care of our vision is one of the most important parts of our overall health and wellness. Seeing the eye doctor is the first step in taking care of your vision and leading you to live your best life.

Annual Eye Exams

First and foremost, how often one should see the eye doctor depends on one’s age, specific vision problems, and health circumstances. However, in general, EVERYONE of all ages should always get an annual eye exam. Believe it or not, our vision can change in just one year. As one gets older, their vision tends to change. Environmental factors also play a role in vision changes, such as frequent use of electronics, UV exposure,  and using expired eye makeup. Little things we do can make a big difference in our vision and cause it to worsen in short periods of time. Receiving an annual eye exam is a must to ensure your vision and eyes are healthy on a yearly basis.

Mobile Eye Care

Going to the eye doctor can be a hassle for many different reasons for different people. Some may not have a way to get there, others may not have the time to make an appointment around their busy work schedule. An abundance of people avoid the eye doctor and 15 percent of people don’t even remember the last time they went to the eye doctor. This is extremely alarming as seeing an eye doctor is just as important as seeing your regular doctor. Optical Academy provides the solution to these problems by making eye care and eyewear unbelievably convenient for everyone of all ages. We allow our members to skip the long office wait and avoid the struggles of going to the eye doctor with mobile eye care. 

Home Optical

Our mobile eye care services are extremely useful for everyone of all ages but especially our homebound elderly members who are unable to walk or leave their homes. Optical Academy travels directly to our elders homes with a mobile optometrist to bring them mobile eye exams, mobile eye tests, and a variation of eyewear right in the comfort of their home. Our team sets up a full at home optical to ensure they receive the vision care they need. As we get older,  the risk for age-related vision and eye problems gets higher. Therefore,  bringing onsite eye care to the homes of our elder members keeps their eye health in check, and also allows them to do the things they love at home with clear vision. 

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Hunterdon Central Regional High School

Optical Academy came in to set up and were all prepared. They were just envisioning how to set up and did it themselves with ease and promptness.
Carol Rocha
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